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Web Development
Classroom Training
in Kolkata

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Learn to build fully functional, high-end, responsive web applications
Build your first web application with us and get it hosted
Learn the concepts behind Facebook's infinite scroll and Google's autosuggest

Why Ungineering?

Some of the things which we understand and would take care in our classroom training are explained as follows:

No Prerequisites Required

Our content is specially designed in a way that it doesn't require the students to have much prior knowledge. We cover everything from scratch in a very simple to understand manner. Knowing just the basics of programming in any language is sufficient.

Focus on fundamental concepts

We have observed that a student can excel in a subject only if the fundamental concepts of the subject is clear. In this course, we focus a lot on the basic concepts so that it becomes easier for the students to understand the advanced topics once we reach there.

Personal Care and Attention assured

We understand the significance of personal level attention and interaction with each of our students. We make sure none of our students is ignored and try to have individual level interaction will all. That's the reason we restrict the number of students in each batch to a minimum.

Doubts and Questions Highly Encouraged

We believe it is very important for a student to have all his questions answered and doubts cleared in order to understand a subject well. We take care of all your doubts and create an atmosphere where asking questions are highly encouraged.

Practical Execute on the go

All our sessions are practical oriented. We believe, executing things while you learn gives a better grasp on the subject. We try to show working examples for everything we learn. Hence, you will be required to carry a laptop for all sessions.

Project Based Learning

During the course, we assign the students with a team project and all our assignments, thereafter, are based on this project. This helps the students understand how things work in totality in real. This also help them understand the issues being faced when we work in a team.

Course Overview


HTML, Web Basics

- To understand how fundamentals of web work.


CSS and Bootstrap 4

- To build responsive, device friendly webpages.


JavaScript and jQuery

- To create dynamic interactions for your user.


Php and Object Orientation

- To write structured and reusable code.


DBMS using MySQL

- To store and manage user data.


GIT and GITHub

- To share and maintain different versions of code.



- To get a better coding environment and to deploy your web application.

Meet our Ex-Students

(from our Bangalore Training Program)

We, earlier had a similar training program in Bangalore, where the students continued working with us after the training as developers, to get a practical exposure. This gave a unique experience to the students helping them understand the concepts well.

Our other initiative

(Online Web Development Training )

We are even working on an online version of our training to make it accessible to more and more students. This online training is currently of beginner's level and is free. You can explore it here.

Here is a sample video from the online training: